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We are excited to share that in collaboration with local author Ashley Wolfe, we published our first childrenʻs book entitled My Journey With The Wind, A Magical Story Of Grief.


This is the story of one child’s magical journey to the realization that their special bond, which seemed lost when their brother died, is actually still present in the love and memories that they shared. Children are often overlooked when siblings die, as the adults in their lives are busy navigating their own grief journeys. Others just aren’t sure how to support children in grief.

A unique feature of this book is the inclusion of holistic therapeutic activities at the end of the story. Activities include emotion coaching from the rainbow, memory making and continued bonds with the treasure chest, preparation for the “storms of grief” that can catch one by surprise, mindfulness with guided imagery and a prompt to look for messages of hope found in nature. The activities will help children and their caregivers have a common language to talk about and express the various feelings of grief together.

All of the proceeds from this book will go towards programs and services offered to the community by Let Grace In.

Author Ashley Wolfe featured on HI Now

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My Journey With the Wind is a soothing, focused and concrete process that takes the reader through the struggles, messiness and revelations of grief.

It is a book for all ages and all situations that deal with loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of the familiar, and loss of what could have been-they all evoke grief and also hope. My Journey With the Wind invites us to initiate those complex and authentic heart deep conversations.


I would introduce My Journey With the Wind at the beginning of the school year and during the change of the seasons.

- Becky Kotate

Masters in Early Childhood Leadership

Graysonʻs Former Teacher

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