We believe in the power of safe, holistic spaces for healing, building community, and restoring hope

Our annual Hope Retreat brings grieving families together for an intimate and immersive four days together.  The retreats provide a safe space and time for families to acknowledge their pain together, share their stories, build community and participate in various therapeutic activities. The Hope Retreat offers an integrative holistic approach to address our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Families are encouraged to participate in as little or as much in what feels the most comfortable and right to them and to  allow grief to show up in all emotions and express it in the most authentic way possible -- sharing, music, dancing, art, laughter and crying. We hold grief in our physical body and activities offered at retreat such as, lomi lomi, healing touch, personal training sessions, yoga, and big energy play activities for keiki help to move activated grief. For our emotional selves, the retreat provides multiple opportunities daily for sharing and expressing emotion in varied groups and activities.  For mental health and calming the central nervous system, our group share is focused with facilitated conversations, journaling, intimate side conversations and multiple opportunities for a guided meditation daily.

Children are led through emotion coaching exercises and therapeutic activities in conjunction with our children’s book group reading with our child life bereavement specialist and our licensed family, marital and art therapist.

Join us at our next Hope Retreat on October 7-10, 2022

“My five year old daughter and I got to go to one of the retreats Let Grace In was having recently and itʻs just made such a huge difference in such a small amount of time, even just having access to the community.”

- Elisabeth

The more that we talk about it in a natural way, it just keeps those memories and that life

and that love alive within us.”

- Michael