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We believe in the power of safe, holistic spaces for healing, building community, and restoring hope

Our monthly therapeutic events serve as 'mini-retreats' by engaging families in a variety of healing activities and nurturing ongoing relationships with others on the grief journey. It offers an opportunity to revive health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self while developing meaningful relationships with families who have suffered a similar loss.


Monthly events are free for families to participate.  RSVP and join us at our next event!

“For our kids to be in a room where the parents are talking about the brother or sister that passed away is very, very important to them because theyʻre not necessarily going to talk about Jessie to a friend, but if theyʻre in a room where they hear mommy and daddy talking about Jessie and another childʻs parent gets up and tells a similar story, I think it gives them a place of being known."

– Elizabeth

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