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Gouveia Family

The Gouveia’s are about restoring hope, using the powerful tool of love. Their story is one no parent ever imagines as their own. On January 22, 2016, they lost their eldest child, Grayson, to the most aggressive Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma. Through the greatest heartbreaking experience of their lives, they’ve been sustained by the unending Love and Grace of God. Let Grace In is being developed to honor their Angel son & the powerful Love that restored hope in their hearts. They are born and raised in Hawaii, Ka’eo (Kamehameha ’96) & Gabby (Maryknoll ’96) & have two other children, Olivia (7) & Charli (3). Gabby has been walking with families during vulnerable times as an Intensive Care nurse since 2000, & Ka’eo Co-Owns a local telecom construction Company started in 2013. Hope doesn’t happen without Faith and the Gouveia’s are committed to sharing theirs in the desire to restore Hope.

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