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"Our Children's Book has Launched!"

“My Journey with the Wind: a magical story of grief” has officially published!🎉 Get your copy on Amazon. All proceeds support Let Grace In programs for grieving ohana. Click this link! --

I am far from a perfect momma (they are mythical creatures) but I’m showing up the best I can to make it count, especially for our family and our TWO DAUGHTERS! The most difficult thing I’ve ever done is parenting these girls (a toddler & a newborn) while grieving our Grayson’s death.

There is no guidebook to parenting & we lack good tools to work through grief, loss and change. We often have trouble helping our kids through grief, change and loss because we have not had an opportunity to learn, process and work through the layers of our own life's pain.☀️One day, I came to the conclusion that if I want to be a mom with little regret, I have to be serious about pulling the weeds in my INTERNAL garden. However hard it is- deal with my grief, examine old habits, hang-ups and do the work. 🤪I found out the layers are many & the work is never done (another post)….

There aren’t many safe spaces to bring ALL of our emotional truth while growing up. We aren’t really told to embrace bends, bumps, bruises and heartbreak because it's part of a NORMAL human life. I want more loving spaces for my girls to find their brave voice to share what isn't going well and in turn, free themselves to feel the joy as fully as possible. Our team and I want this for ALL of our children🥰

📖 Let Grace In, has just published a new children’s book about a grieving sibling called “My journey with the Wind”. It’s especially unique because of the holistic therapeutic activity pages after the story that help parents/caregivers connect and express in discussion, art, meditation, journaling, doodling, etc. May this be a tool used to grow love and not weeds in our internal gardens.

🌊✨Olivia loves the moment that our main character finds the treasure box full of memories stored deep beneath the blue sea. I treasure the team that put this book together through years of clinical experience, personal heartache and loss, wisdom and lots of love. Heartfelt MAHALO to the author Ashley Wolfe, co-author Jessica Ando, our coach Sloane Ketcham, our editor Marcy Pusey, and Tamra Leilani W. for the inspiration.

🌈Charli loves the colors of the emotion Rainbow! Each of our emotions, like each color of the rainbow, is neither good or bad. 🎨Our German Illustrator Yasmin Jessen lights up this book with her gorgeous art work & personal light. Mahalo!

♥️The dedication page always brings me to tears. “To all who have loved & all who have lost, this book is for you. In gratitude to the angels who have brought this story to us and the siblings who miss you so much. Grayson, we love you forever.”

Always remembering our angels,


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